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Mumbai: Due to the lockdown, people had a lot of trouble in paying EMI, while they have also faced many problems due to this lock down. Have you ever thought that someday your good morning is very bad and you get a call from the EMI people from the bank and in the morning when you do not even wake up from your sleep and you hear the abuse of EMI people then maybe you will feel angry, bad Bus. Let us tell you that a similar short film has been released on the MX-PLAYER platform on Friday, which will make you too scared of calls asking for EMI.

Yes! The film ‘EMI’, which was released on Friday 25 December, is being liked a lot, it is a short 10-minute film. The story of this film is related to the EMI of Chulbul and who is also seen troubled by personal life. One morning when Chulbul is sleeping when his girlfriend’s call comes, he talks to his girl friend and sleeps again for 5 minutes. After 2 minutes, Chulbul’s phone rings again and he feels that his girlfriend’s call has come, but this time there is a call from the EMI collector and he starts abusing in the morning, still Chulbul talks very lovingly. and takes the address to meet the EMI collector.

Chulbul’s girl friend calls Chulbul many times during a conversation with Chulbul and the EMI collector and the call gets busy, when Chulbul’s call comes and his girl friend gets very angry and breaks up with Chulbul. After this, Chulbul meets the EMI guy and teaches him a lesson, how to talk, how not to talk, for that you will also have to watch this film.

Talking about the star cast of this film, there are actors like Pratyush Mishra, Deepak Singh Thakur, Kritika Gupta, Nandita Shukla. At the same time, the writer and director of this film is Jai Prakash Mishra. The producer of this film is PSJ’s Media Vision. This film is being liked a lot.


Talking about the star cast of this film, actors Pratush Mishra, Deepak Singh Thakur, Actress Kritika Gupta, Nandita Shukla is seen. Jai Prakash Mishra is the writer and director of this film, produced by PSJ Media Vision .

People have loved this film a lot.

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